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Susanna – Susanna CD

Susanna – Susanna CD

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Susanna – Susanna

Cellist and singer-songwriter Susanna Syrjäläinen will soon release her first solo album, eponymously titled Susanna. The album smoothly sways from one style and mood to the next. Drawing from various different genres such as folk music, jazz, schlager, pop, chansons and world music, Susanna will appear ethereal and delicate in one moment and fervid and intense in the next.

In addition to Syrjäläinen's vocals, the album features a double bass, two violins and a piano. This unique combination of instruments produces a wistful atmosphere that together with the poetically descriptive lyrics create a composition that is diverse in both style and ambience.

Susanna Syrjäläinen - vocals, composistions
Helka Seppälä - double bass
Liisi Uusitalo - violin
Pauliina Rahiala - violin
Anna Ramstedt - piano

1. Intro 02:19
2. Huomaatko 03:56
3. Soppa 03:04
4. Aamu 02:42
5. Varvikko 02:46
6. Oon sun 03:42
7. Omatunto 02:19
8. Yölaulu 03:29
9. Puro 03:40

Label: Eclipse Music

Released: 2021

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