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Hawkwind – Hawkwind LP

Hawkwind – Hawkwind LP

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Toimitusaika arviolta 7 - 50 vrk.
Arviolta 7 - 50 vrk tilauksesta. Arvion luotettavuus on hyvä.

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Hawkwind – Hawkwind

Hawkwind's debut album is an extensive mix of psychedelic and progressive rock, resulting in the so called space-rock. As one of the pioneers in this genre they recorded a bunch of deep soundscapes, combining the best of different genres. The sound of the band is original and the approach is naive in a good sense. This debut can be seen as the highlight of their career, capturing the true spirit of this raw and communal musical movement. The Pretty Things guitarist Dick Taylor produced the debut album by Hawkwind, after he had left his former group.

A1 Hurry On Sundown 4:50
A2 The Reason Is? 3:30
A3 Be Yourself 8:09
A4 Paranoia - Part 1. 1:04
B1 Paranoia - Part 2. 4:11
B2 Seeing It As You Really Are. 10:43
B3 Mirror Of Illusion. 6:58

Label: Music On Vinyl
Released: 1970/2019

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