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Clash – If Music Could Talk 2LP

Clash – If Music Could Talk 2LP

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The Clash – If Music Could Talk 

If Music Could Talk is a 1980 interview album with The Clash - Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Topper Headon – in brief conversation with their trusted management rep/fixer/consigliere Kosmo Vinyl.  Originally only available as a promotional LP for US radio ahead of the release of The Clash’s 4th album Sandinista!, If Music Could Talk will be released for the first time as a limited edition double 180g vinyl package with new artwork as part of RSD Drops. The cover art is an homage to Nicaraguan rebel leader Augusto César Sandino – the original Sandinista – done by Kosmo Vinyl, who also supplies the liner notes on the back alongside a rare Pennie Smith band photo. If Music Could Talk features the band talking about and introducing tracks, along with those tracks themselves (using the latest band-approved remasters).

SIDE A – Paul:
1. Junco Partner
2. One More Time
3. One More Dub 
SIDE B – Mick:
1. Hitsville U.K.
2. The Magnificent Seven 
SIDE C – Joe:
1. Washington Bullets
2. The Call Up
3. Police On My Back
SIDE D – Topper:
1. Ivan Meets G.I. Joe
2. Somebody Got Murdered

Label: Legacy
Released: 2021

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