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Jean-Michel Jarre – Amazônia 2LP

Jean-Michel Jarre – Amazônia 2LP

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Jean-Michel Jarre – Amazônia

Electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre has composed and recorded a 52 minute musical score for ‘Amazônia’, a new project by award winning photographer and filmmaker Sebastião Salgado, for the Philharmonic Paris. It follows Jarre’s recent triumphant virtual performance at Notre Dame for New Year’s Eve, which attracted over 75 million viewers worldwide.
‘Amazônia’ is an immersive exhibition focussing on the Brazilian Amazon, featuring more than 200 photographs and other media by Salgado. Jean-Michel Jarre’s accompanying sound-creation is a symphonic world which will engulf visitors to the exhibit in the sounds of the forest. Using a blend of electronic and orchestral instruments with other real-life natural sounds, the score has also been recorded in binaural audio, for a truly immersive experience.

A1 Amazônia Pt. 1
A2 Amazônia Pt. 2
B1 Amazônia Pt. 3
B2 Amazônia Pt. 4
B3 Amazônia Pt. 5
C1 Amazônia Pt. 6
C2 Amazônia Pt. 7
C3 Amazônia Pt. 8
C4 Amazônia Pt. 9

Label: Columbia
Released: 2021

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