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Jeavestone ‎– Human Games LP

Jeavestone ‎– Human Games LP

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Toimitusaika arviolta 2 - 5 vrk.
Arviolta 2 - 5 vrk tilauksesta. Arvion luotettavuus on hyvä.

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Jeavestone ‎– Human Games

Similar its predecessors, “Human Games” is filled with influences from a wide range) of musical genres. This time Jeaventures brilliantly takes us to India and Brazil, via Mongolia. One can also hear some krautrock and even some ambient flavoured hypnotization in the album. And yes, indeed, we are still talking about the hardest nut-kicking Finnish rock band!

A1 Another 
A2 Repiphany 
A3 Human Games 
A4 Aurora Borealis Man 
A5 Dinner At Eight 
B1 Mean Words 
B2 Monkeys Of Tycoon 
B3 Nuclear Superstar 
B4 The Leap Of Faith

Label: Presence Records
Released: 2016

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