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Ultramagnetic MC's ‎– Critical Beatdown (Expanded) 2LP

Ultramagnetic MC's ‎– Critical Beatdown (Expanded) 2LP

Ultramagnetic MC's ‎– Critical Beatdown (Expanded) 2LP

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Ultramagnetic MC's ‎– Critical Beatdown (Expanded)

New York Hip Hop revolutionaries Ced-Gee, Kool Keith, Moe Luv and T.R. Love, known as Ultramagnetic Mc's dropped their seminal debut album Critical Beatdown in 1988. Immediately grabbing the attention and pushing the boundaries of hip hop into new horizons, it was hailed as a masterpiece by the underground. Influential hip hop magazines The Source and Hip Hop Connection both listed Critical Beatdown in their Top 100 charts, naming it one of the best 100 hip hop albums ever. The 1986 single “Ego Trippin” is one of the first tracks to use the SP1200 drum machine (programmed by producer Ced-Gee), and the SP1200 would later become the golden standard for many hip hop producers. This expanded edition features not only the original album with the 15 tracks, it also includes 6 bonus tracks: the original 12” versions of “Funky”, “Bait”, “A Chorus Line” featuring Tim Dog, “Mentally Mad” plus “Traveling At The Speed Of Thought (Hip House Club Mix)” and “Ego Trippin (Bonus Beats)” coupled for the first time ever on vinyl. It also contains a 4 page booklet with interviews, rare photos and liner notes written by Angus Batey, the author of Rhyming and Stealing: A History Of The Beastie Boys and a writer for Hip Hop Connection and Mojo magazine.

A1 Watch Me Now 
A2 Ease Back 
A3 Ego Trippin' (MC's Ultra Remix) 
A4 Moe Luv's Theme 
A5 Kool Keith Housing Things 
A6 Traveling At The Speed Of Thought (Remix) 
A7 Feelin' It 
A8 One Minute Less 
B1 Ain't It Good To You 
B2 Funky (Remix) 
B3 Give The Drummer Some 
B4 Break North 
B5 Critical Beatdown 
B6 When I Burn 
B7 Ced-Gee (Delta Force One) 
C1 Funky (Original 12” Version) 
C2 Bait (Original 12” Version) 
C3 A Chorus Line Feat. Tim Dog (Original 12” Version) 
D1 Traveling At The Speed Of Thought (Hip-House Club Mix) 
D2 Ego Trippin (Bonus Beats) 
D3 Mentally Mad (Original 12” Version)

Label: Music On Vinyl
Released: 1988/2021

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