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Sonny Landreth ‎– Blacktop Run CD

Sonny Landreth ‎– Blacktop Run CD

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Sonny Landreth ‎– Blacktop Run

The Mississippi born slide guitar icon Sonny Landreth’s new studio album ‘Blacktop Run’ follows his previous Grammy nominated album ‘Recorded Live In Lafayette’ (2017) and his back-to-back Blues Music Awards for Best Guitarist and Best Blues Album for ‘Bound by the Blues’ (2015). Now based in south Louisiana, his groundbreaking work has long mixed familiarity with experimentation, and his latest ten-song collection stretches from hard-edged electric instrumentals to wistful acoustic ballads. The project’s range is the fruit of a renewed collaboration. Producer RS Field, who helmed Landreth’s trio of breakout albums, joined the six-stringer and co-producer Tony Daigle to finish the record.

1. Beyond Borders
2. Blacktop Run
3. Don't Ask Me
4. Groovy Goddess
5. Lover Dance With Me
6. Many Worlds
7. Mule
8. Somebody Gotta Make a Move
9. Something Grand
10. The Wilds of Wonder

Label: Provogue
Released: 2020

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