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Walter Trout ‎– Ordinary Madness CD Deluxe Box

Walter Trout ‎– Ordinary Madness CD Deluxe Box

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Walter Trout ‎– Ordinary Madness

For Walter Trout, there is no 'us' and 'them'. Across his five-decade career, the great US bluesman's music has always been a lifeline and call-to-arms, reminding listeners they are not alone. Now, as the world seeks solace from a tragedy that has touched us all, he comes armed with a boundary-exploring new studio album and eleven searingly honest songs that bring his fans even closer. "There's a lot of extraordinary madness going on right now, " considers Trout, of the COVID-19 crisis. "This album started because I was dealing with the flaws and weakness inside me. But it ended up being about everyone." Ordinary Madness was completed mere days before the US shutdown, it's cathartic songcraft and themes of shared troubles couldn't chime better with a period in which our souls and spirits are under fire from tumultuous global events.

1. Ordinary Madness
2. Wanna Dance
3. My Foolish Pride
4. Heartland
5. All Out of Tears
6. Final Curtain Call
7. Heaven In Your Eyes
8. The Sun is Going Down
9. Make It Right
10. Up Above My Sky
11. Ok Boomer

Label: Provogue Records

Released: 2020

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