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Dream Theater ‎– Lost Not Forgotten Archives: A Dramatic Tour Of Events – Select Board Mixes 2CD

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Dream Theater ‎– Lost Not Forgotten Archives: A Dramatic Tour Of Events – Select Board Mixes
This fresh collaboration between the band and record label InsideOutMusic will see the virtuosic quintet's long-standing Ytsejam Records catalogue reissued, alongside some brand-new additions to this special collector's series. Ytsejam Records previously played host to Dream Theater's official bootleg release collection comprising of live shows, demos & studio outtakes from throughout the band's prolific career. This release is a recording of the band's start-to-finish performance of their classic second ever studio album, Images and Words, taken from their performance at Tokyo, Japan's legendary Budokan venue in September of 2017.
1-1 Under A Glass Moon (Live In Phoenix, AZ 12/4/11) 7:17
1-2 Forsaken (Live In London, UK 7/24/11) 5:46
1-3 Peruvian Skies (Live In London, UK 7/24/11) 7:00
1-4 Endless Sacrifice (Live In Austin, TX 10/26/11) 11:57
1-5 Drum Solo (Live In Austin, TX 10/26/11) 6:46
1-6 YtseJam (Live In Austin, TX 10/26/11) 6:09
1-7 The Great Debate (Live In London, UK 7/24/11) 14:30
2-1 Another Day (Live In Austin, TX 7/7/12) 4:29
2-2 Through My Words / Fatal Tragedy (Live In Montreal, QC 10/7/11) 8:11
2-3 To Live Forever (Live In Huntington, NY 7/19/12) 6:09
2-4 The Count Of Tuscany (Live In London, UK 7/24/11) 21:48
2-5 Learning To Live (Live In Tel Aviv, IL 7/19/11) 12:26
2-6 As I Am (Live In Shibuya, JP 4/24/12) 8:12
Label: Inside Out Music
Released: 2021

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