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Marillion – Fugazi 3CD+Blu-ray

Marillion – Fugazi 3CD+Blu-ray

Marillion – Fugazi 3CD+Blu-ray

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Fugazi - 2021 Remix
CD1-1 Assassing 7:01
CD1-2 Punch And Judy 3:22
CD1-3 Jigsaw 6:49
CD1-4 Emerald Lies 5:08
CD1-5 She Chameleon 6:53
CD1-6 Incubus 8:30
CD1-7 Fugazi 8:02
Live At The Spectrum, Montreal, Canada, 20th June 1984 (Part 1)
CD2-1 Assassing 7:28
CD2-2 Punch And Judy 4:03
CD2-3 Jigsaw 6:34
CD2-4 Script For A Jester’s Tear 9:00
CD2-5 Chelsea Monday 8:15
CD2-6 Emerald Lies 5:21
CD2-7 Cinderella Search 5:47
CD2-8 Incubus 9:00
Live At The Spectrum, Montreal, Canada, 20th June 1984 (Part 2)
CD3-1 Charting The Single 7:02
CD3-2 He Knows You Know 5:56
CD3-3 Fugazi 9:11
CD3-4 Forgotten Sons 11:03
CD3-5 Garden Party 6:35
CD3-6 Market Square Heroes 10:46
Fugazi 2021 Remix - 96/24 Stereo LPCM / DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 / 96/24 5.1 LPCM
BD-1 Assassing
BD-2 Punch & Judy
BD-3 Jigsaw
BD-4 Emerald Lies
BD-5 She Chameleon
BD-6 Incubus
BD-7 Fugazi
Live In Montreal 1984 - 96/24 Stereo LPCM
BD-8 Assassing
BD-9 Punch & Judy
BD-10 Jigsaw
BD-11 Script For A Jester’s Tear
BD-12 Chelsea Monday
BD-13 Emerald Lies
BD-14 Cinderella Search
BD-15 Incubus
BD-16 Charting The Single
BD-17 He Knows You Know
BD-18 Fugazi
BD-19 Forgotten Sons
BD-20 Garden Party
BD-21 Market Square Heroes
Extra Audio Tracks - 48/16 Stereo LPCM
BD-22 Cinderella Search (Extended Single)
BD-23 Assassing (Alternate Mix)
BD-24 Three Boats Down From The Candy
BD-25 Punch & Judy (Demo)
BD-26 She Chameleon (Demo)
BD-27 Emerald Lies (Demo)
BD-28 Incubus (Demo)
Video Section
BD-29 Documentary: The Performance Has Just Begun – The Story Of Fugazi 1:12:36
BD-30 The Story Of The Songs: Track-By-Track 35:00
BD-31 Assassing (Promo Video) 3:40
BD-32 Fugazi Live – Hear We Go – Swiss TV 1984 49:47
BD-33 Backstage Interview / Assassing / PunchP & Judy / Jigsaw / Cinderella Search / Incubus / Garden Party / Market Square Heroes

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