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Ken Hensley ‎– Love & Other Mysteries CD

Ken Hensley ‎– Love & Other Mysteries CD

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Ken Hensley ‎– Love & Other Mysteries

Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the latest release on their front-line label, ESOTERIC ANTENNA, dedicated to new releases by both new acts and established artists. Love and Other Mysteries by Ken Hensley is the result of three years spent in the studio, crafting an intensely personal album. Known by many from his days as a writer and member of URIAH HEEP, the writer of such classics as Lady in Black and July Morning has created his deepest work to date. Love and Other Mysteries sees Ken joined by guest vocalists including Glenn Hughes, Santra Salkova, Sarah Rope, Irene Forniciari & Roberto Tiranti All of whom compliment a record that is fulfilling and sincere in it's message.

1 (This) Bleeding Heart 4:43
2 Romance 4:48
3 (Please) Tell Me When 4:38
4 No Matter 2:50
5 Come To Me 3:45
6 This House 3:55
7 Walk Away 2:40
8 Eyes (The Girl In The Purple Dress) 3:44
9 Respiro Tu Amor 2:46
10 Little Guy 3:44

Label: Esoteric Antenna 
Released: 2012

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