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Beth Hart – Front And Center (Live From New York) CD+DVD

Beth Hart – Front And Center (Live From New York) CD+DVD

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Beth Hart – Front And Center (Live From New York)

'Front And Center – Live From New York' was recorded for US Public Television’s concert series Front and Center at the world famous Iridium Jazz Club in New York City. Front and Center is a high profile US TV format packed with performances by Grammy Award winners, Billboard Chart toppers, iconic musicians, and artists on the rise. This CD contains 15 tracks while the DVD has 10 tracks plus bonus full band, acoustic and interview content.


CD-1 Let's Get Together 4:10
CD-2 Baddest Blues 5:10
CD-3 Jazz Man 4:08
CD-4 Delicious Surprise 6:03
CD-5 Broken And Ugly 3:40
CD-6 St. Teresa 6:34
CD-7 Isolation 4:26
CD-8 Tell Her You Belong To Me 6:37
CD-9 Fat Man 4:05
CD-10 Love Gangster 4:07
CD-11 Leave The Light On 5:35
CD-12 As Long As I Have A Song 3:33
CD-13 Can't Let Go 4:36
CD-14 For My Friends 5:12
CD-15 No Place Like Home 4:26
Front And Center Show
DVD-1 Let's Get Together
DVD-2 Baddest Blues
DVD-3 Jazz Man
DVD-4 Delicious Surprise
DVD-5 St. Teresa
DVD-6 Tell Her You Belong To Me
DVD-7 Fat Man
DVD-8 Leave The Light On
DVD-9 Can't Let Go
DVD-10 As Long As I Have A Song Full Band Bonus Content
DVD-11 Love Gangster
DVD-12 Broken And Ugly
DVD-13 For My Friends Acoustic Bonus Content
DVD-14 Isolation
DVD-15 My California
DVD-16 No Place Like Home Interview
DVD-17 Beth Hart Interview

Label: Provogue
Released: 2018

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