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Tintern Abbey – Beeside (The Complete Recordings) 2CD

Tintern Abbey – Beeside (The Complete Recordings) 2CD

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Tintern Abbey – Beeside (The Complete Recordings)

Now, Grapefruit has finally unearthed the full, definitive story. After two decades of planning, research, tape transfer and sound restoration, 'Beeside: The Complete Recordings' features over two hours of music recorded by Tintern Abbey between the summer of 1967 (when they spent a month in a Cornwall cottage, rehearsing and taping their performances prior to their London launch) and the end of 1968. Featuring more than 90 minutes of previously unreleased and unheard material, indeed, everything on the 68-minute Disc Two is now receiving it's first-ever public airing. Alongside that genre-defining Deram single and those previously-leaked demos are some astonishing treasures. Included are two finished masters of the intended late 1967 follow-up 45 'Snowman' (a disorientating melange of sinister Mellotron, disembodied voices and backward tapes that was abandoned when original guitarist Don Smith left the group); the Arabic-sounding 'My Prayer' and the 'SF Sorrow'-anticipating 'Let The Wind Blow', along with late 1968 creations like 'Raspberry Ripple', 'Life Goes By' and 'My House' suggesting that, even at the point of their collapse, Tintern Abbey remained a vital, vibrant unit. Featuring a new 6000 word essay with band quotes and previously unpublished photos and memorabilia, this lovingly-assembled 2-CD set is the final word on a group that turned out to be as mysterious and elusive as the Wordsworth poem that inspired their name.

1. Beeside (Deram Single)
2. Vacuum Cleaner (Deram Single)
3. Snowman (Master 1)
4. Tanya
5. Black Jack
6. Bodmin Blow
7. My Prayer (Early Version)
8. Let the Wind Blow
9. Stickleback
10. Busy Bee
11. Snowman (Early Acetate Version)
12. Beeside (Acetate Mix)
13. Vacuum Cleaner (Acetate Mix)
14. Do What You Must (Acetate Version 1)
15. How Do I Feel Today? (Acetate Version 1)
16. Hookah
17. People Can't See (Acetate Version 1)
18. Naked Song (Aka Seeds of Discord)
1. Nightfall
2. Mrs Daisy (Polydor Studios Version)
3. Blue Pants*
4. People Can't See (Acetate Version 2)
5. How Do I Feel Today? (Decca Acetate Version)
6. Magic Horsemen
7. My Zoo
8. Dream (Aka Song of Despair)
9. My House
10. Life Goes By
11. My Prayer (Version 2)
12. Raspberry Ripple
13. Mrs Daisy (Version 2)
14. Reaching for Nothing
15. Witchcraft
16. Something
17. Strange Dame
18. Snowman (Master 2)

Label: Grapefruit Records
Released: 2021

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