Memoria Avenue – Memoria Avenue CD

Memoria Avenue – Memoria Avenue CD

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Memoria Avenue – Memoria Avenue

Memoria Avenue is a new Melodic Rock/AOR band from Norway showcasing an artistic union between guitarist Tor Talle and the awesome new singer Jan Le’ Brandt. Tor is a skilled and well known musician, best known for the Northern Light project. He has also worked, either writing songs and/or performing with, on records from melodic rock giants such as Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple), Fergie Frederiksen (ex-TOTO), Rob Moratti (ex-SAGA), Steve Overland (FM), and the late Tony Mills (TNT, Shy). Jan Le’ Brandt has roots in the magnificent north of Norway, but moved to the southern part in his early teens. His voice is sometimes hoarse and rough, but also moves into a more delicate and sensitive style. Jan masters the whole spectrum to the fullest, with his soulful presence both on stage and in the studio. He has already previously released some material as a solo artist and appeared in the cover band Svigermord, but Memoria Avenue is his chance to truly shine.
Memoria Avenue is yet another absolutely stunning newcomer to the AOR scene brought to you by Frontiers Music Srl. With a sound and style that will particularly appeal to fans of stylish, '80s oriented melodic rock bands, think Work of Art and Perfect Plan, with a hint of that breezy, feel good sound which is not as easy to find these days. Listening to these songs will transport you to the feeling of driving by the sea with the windows rolled down without a care in the world. Certainly not a bad feeling in this day and age...

1.    Stuck
2.    Stranded
3.    Can't Blame It On The Rain
4.    The Air That I Breath
5.    Waiting Forever
6.    Nathalia
7.    Sometimes
8.    Run With Me
9.    If You Fall
10.    Someday
11.    High As A Kite
12.    Picket Fence

Label: Frontiers Music SRL  

Released: 2021

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