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Red Velvet – The ReVe Festival: Day 1 CD (Guide Book Ver.)

Red Velvet – The ReVe Festival: Day 1 CD (Guide Book Ver.)

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Red Velvet – 'The ReVe Festival' Day 1

Guide Book Version.

Red Velvet are back with 'The ReVe Festival', bringing a dazzling freshness to 2019. 'The ReVe Festival'is a prelude to Red Velvet's upcoming musical activities and marks the beginning of this wonderful festival. 'ReVe' stands for Red Velvet which means dream and fantasy in French. This further elevates the expectations on the fantastic music parade that will take place. Their new mini album, 'The ReVe Festival' Day 1' will be available in two versions including 'Day 1 Version" with 5 random covers and 'Guide Book Ver.' with one cover. This is an official release from SM Entertainment and will count towards Billboard and Gaon charts.

CD + Booklet (48pg) + Photo Card (Random 1 out of 5)

1. Zimzalabim
2. Sunny Side Up!
3. Milkshake
4. Bing Bing
5. Parade
6. LP

Label: S.M. Entertainment 
Released: 2019

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