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Beth Hart – Live At The Royal Albert Hall 2CD

Beth Hart – Live At The Royal Albert Hall 2CD

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Beth Hart – Live At The Royal Albert Hall

On May 4th , 2018 the Grammy nominated blues rocker Beth Hart played London’s world-famous Royal Albert Hall which became a landmark gig for the versatile vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Known for her visceral, soul-baring vocals and dynamic range, Hart is riding a creative tidal wave following the release of her critically acclaimed 2016 studio album, 'Fire On The Floor,’ as well as her just-released studio collaboration with guitarist Joe Bonamassa, ‘Black Coffee.’ Levelling audiences with her incredible power and celebrated burnt-honey vocals for 20 years, Hart in recent times has truly blossomed, selling out ever-larger venues in cities around the world, including New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen. She is recognized as one of the great live vocalists of our time.

1. As Long As I Have a Song
2. For My Friends
3. Lifts You Up
4. Close To My Fire
5. Bang Bang Boom Boom
6. Good As It Gets
7. Spirit of God
8. Baddest Blues
9. Sister Heroine
10. Baby Shot Me Down
11. Waterfalls
12. Your Heart is As Black As Night
1. Saved
2. The Ugliest House On the Block
3. Spiders In My Bed
4. Take It Easy On Me
5. Leave the Light On
6. Mama This One's For You
7. My California
8. Trouble
9. Love is a Lie
10. Picture In a Frame
11. Caught Out In the Rain

Label: Provogue 
Released: 2018

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