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Burning Point – Arsonist Of The Soul CD

Burning Point – Arsonist Of The Soul CD

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Burning Point – Arsonist Of The Soul

„Arsonist Of The Soul“ is another pleasant throwback to early 2000’s power metal sound, but with up-to-date production - something that BURNING POINT are known for. With this new piece of work they definitely raise the bar once more. A little heavier than on their latest album, but the bands characteristic melodies and sounds are again present all over on this new release. For Fans Of: Stratovarius, Battle Beast, Edguy.

1. Blast In the Past
2. Rules the Universe
3. Out of Control (Savage Animals)
4. Persona Non Grata
5. Arsonist of the Soul
6. Hit the Night
7. Running In the Darkness
8. Calling
9. Off the Radar
10. Fire With Fire
11. Will I Rise With the Sun
12. Eternal Life

Label: Soulfood
Released: 2021

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