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Marlena Shaw – Go Away Little Boy (The Columbia Anthology) 2CD

Marlena Shaw – Go Away Little Boy (The Columbia Anthology) 2CD

Marlena Shaw – Go Away Little Boy (The Columbia Anthology) 2CD

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Marlena Shaw – Go Away Little Boy (The Columbia Anthology)

As part of its well-received and critically acclaimed anthology series, SoulMusic Records is excited to present 'Go Away Little Boy – The Columbia Anthology', a musically rich retrospective of soul/jazz legend Marlena’s work for Columbia, cut between 1977-1980. New York state-born Marlena gained initial popularity with her vocal readings of ‘Wade In The Water’ and ‘Mercy, Mercy, Mercy’. Touring with The Count Basie Band for a number of years and developing her own club performances that combined her natural sense of wit and humour with a gift for musical storytelling, 'Sweet Beginnings' spawned the now-famous ‘Yu-Ma/Go Away Little Boy’, with her wry, truth-tellin’ spoken rap and a new version of the Goffin & King song she had cut in 1966. The track became Marlena’s biggest hit and established her as a popular entertainer with R&B audiences worldwide. Included in this sumptuous anthology – with liner notes by SoulMusic Records’ David Nathan (featuring an extensive interview with Marlena), remastering by Nick Robbins and artwork by Roger Williams – is the global CD debut of ‘The Best Days Of My Life’, from her final Columbia session with famed producer Jack Gold.

Love Dancin'
1. The Writing's On the Wall
2. No Deposit, No Return
3. I Think I'll Tell Him
4. I'm Back For More
5. No One Yet
6. Haven't We Been In Love Before?
7. Sweet Beginnings
8. More
9. Pictures and Memories
10. Suite Seventeen: It Was a Very Good Year/I'm a Foster Child
11. Love Dancin' (Special Disco Version)
12. I Thank You
13. Touch Me In the Morning (Remix)

Look At Me, Look At You
1. Yu-Ma/Go Away Little Boy
2. Shaw Biz/Suddenly It's How I Like To Feel/Shaw Biz (Reprise)
3. Look At Me, Look At You (We're Flying)
4. Moonrise
5. Dreamin'
6. Rhythm of Love
7. I Wonder
8. You Bring Out the Best In Me
9. Theme From "Looking For Mr. Goodbar" (Don't Ask To Stay Unti
10. Places
11. Johnny
12. The Best Days of My Life
13. Walk Softly
14. Mamma Tried
15. I'll Be Your Friend Soul

Label: Music Records
Released: 2018

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Yu-Ma / Go Away Little Boy
Love Dancin'