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Meat Loaf – Midnight At The Lost And Found CD

Meat Loaf – Midnight At The Lost And Found CD

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Meat Loaf – Midnight At The Lost And Found

Is there life for Loaf after coming Back Out Of Hell without Todd and Jim? Yes there is with songs like the title track “Midnight At The Lost And Found” and with the opener of the album “Razor’s Edge.” Meat Loaf proves from the beginning to the end that he’s back with a voice as strong as it ever was. “Wolf At Your Door” is a great song about Meat’s problems with money at the time. Other highlights of the album are Meat Loaf’s version of “Promised Land” penned by Chuck Berry and also a strong late Elvis hit from 1975 and the closing track “Fallen Angel.” This album is produced by Tom Dowd and a real grower type. The old adage “Try It You’ll Like It” truly applies here.
1. Razor's Edge
2. Midnight At the Lost & Found
3. Wolf At Your Door
4. Keep Driving
5. The Promised Land
6. You Can Never Be Too Sure About That Girl
7. Priscilla
8. Don't You Look At Me Like That
9. If You Really Want To
10. Fallen Angel

Label: Music On CD
Released: 1983/2020

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