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Lindsay Beaver & Brad Stivers – Lindsay Beaver & Brad Stivers CD

Lindsay Beaver & Brad Stivers – Lindsay Beaver & Brad Stivers CD

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Lindsay Beaver & Brad Stivers – Lindsay Beaver & Brad Stivers

Lindsay Beaver and Brad Stivers are two of the hottest young singers and musicians coming out of the Austin, Texas music scene ' Lindsay known for her intense, fearless vocals and drumming, and Brad for his ferocious guitar playing and signature vocal style. Beaver hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Stivers made his mark in Colorado before they both were drawn to Austin where their exceptional musical chemistry came together. Brad released his VizzTone debut in 2017 and Lindsay's Alligator album dropped in 2018. In 2020 Brad released an EP and Lindsay did a single with old friend Jimmie Vaughan. For their self-titled duo debut they went to the Halifax studio of Garrett Morris, one of Canada's premier blues musicians, along with Joe Murphy and Barry Cooke, plus guest guitarists Kirk Fletcher and Zach Zunis. The 12 powerful tracks, including 11 originals, showcase their musical depth in Blues, Americana, and Soul.

1. One Condition (Feat. Kirk Fletcher)
2. I Know What To Do (Feat. Joe Murphy)
3. Hesitate
4. See You Again (Feat. Garrett Mason)
5. Getting Gone
6. Take It Slow
7. Be Alright
8. You've Got No Right (Feat. Zach Zunis)
9. It's Love
10. Somebody Else Will
11. Slim Pickin'
12. You're So Fine

Label: Vizztone Label Group
Released: 2021

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