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10cc – Essential 3CD

10cc – Essential 3CD

10cc – Essential 3CD

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10cc – Essential

Three CD set. In a 7 year period from the autumn of 1972 to the winter of 1978, 10cc were rarely 'off air' as a series of singles repeatedly crashed the UK charts. With 11 top 10's of which 3 hit the top spot, 10cc established themselves as a stellar pop band capable of producing memorable, yet stylistically diverse songs with broad appeal. More than just a best of, the Essential 10cc gives listeners the chance to engage with some of the best pop and most creative music of the 70s.

1-1 I'm Not In Love
1-2 Life Is A Minestrone
1-3 I'm Mandy Fly Me
1-4 The Second Sitting For The Last Supper
1-5 Brand New Day
1-6 Channel Swimmer
1-7 Good News
1-8 Une Nuit A Paris (Part 1) / The Same Night In Paris (Part 2) / Later The Same Night In Paris (Part 3)
1-9 Get It While You Can
1-10 I Wanna Rule The World
1-11 Head Room
1-12 Lazy Ways
1-13 Iceberg
1-14 People In Love
1-15 Marriage Bureau Rendezvous
1-16 Modern Man Blues (Live)
1-17 I'm So Laid Back, I'm Laid Out
1-18 Don't Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste
2-1 Dreadlock Holiday
2-2 The Things We Do For Love
2-3 The Wall Street Shuffle (Live 1977)
2-4 Waterfall (Live 1977)
2-5 Ships Don't Disappear In The Night (Do They) (Live 1977)
2-6 You've Got A Cold (Live 1977)
2-7 Lifeline
2-8 Take These Chains
2-9 From Rochdale To Ocho Rios
2-10 Last Night
2-11 Nothing Can Move Me
2-12 It Doesn't Matter At All
2-13 Strange Lover
2-14 Welcome To The World
2-15 Dressed To Kill
2-16 Only Child
2-17 I'm Not In Love (Live 1982)
2-18 Dreadlock Holiday (Live 1982)
3-1 Good Morning Judge
3-2 Art For Art's Sake
3-3 The Power Of Love
3-4 You're Coming Home Again
3-5 Run Away
3-6 Les Nouveaux Riches
3-7 Don't Ask
3-8 Memories
3-9 Action Man In Motown Suit
3-10 We've Heard It All Before
3-11 Oomachasaooma (Feel The Love)
3-12 Food For Thought
3-13 Yes I Am
3-14 She Gives Me Pain
3-15 Something Special
3-16 Welcome To Paradise
3-17 Don't
3-18 Lost In Love

Label: UMC
Released: 2021

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