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Cancer – Death Shall Rise 2CD

Cancer – Death Shall Rise 2CD

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Cancer – Death Shall Rise

This double disc 30th anniversary edition of 'Death Shall Rise' features a fresh audio master and is presented in jewel case format with o-card. The accompanying booklet contains a new interview with Carl Stokes, reflecting on the early era of the band. The second disc in this set contains a rare live recording from Wrexham UK, originally released unofficially in 1991.

Death Shall Rise
1. Hung, Drawn and Quartered
2. Tasteless Incest
3. Burning Casket
4. Death Shall Rise
5. Back From the Dead
6. Gruesome Tasks
7. Corpse Fire
8. Internal Decay

Live At Wrexham Memorial Hall, Wales, 31/08/1990
1. Intro
2. Bodycount
3. Into the Acid
4. Sentenced To the Gallows
5. Gruesome Tasks
6. Imminent Catastrophe
7. C.F.C.
8. Witch Hunt
9. Blood Bath
10. Tasteless Incest

Label: Peaceville
Released: 1991/2021

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