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Kalush Orchestra – Stefania CDs

Kalush Orchestra – Stefania CDs

Kalush Orchestra – Stefania CDs

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Kalush Orchestra – Stefania

Kalush // Kalush Orchestra - "Stefania "Participant in the Eurovision Song Contest for UKRAINE. In times of crisis, it is a natural reaction to withdraw from daily life, set new priorities, focus on bare survival or even bury your head in the sand. All of this is perfectly fine and more than understandable. But there are also those who find inspiration even in the darkest times, who keep going, driven by the urge to make a difference and/or to bring forth something good out of all the pain and misery. In the case of Ukrainian band KALUSH, that is exactly what they have done: in a few weeks, their role as an artist has changed from mere entertainment and representing their home country at this year's Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), to becoming the face and voice of a nation currently going through unbearable times. In the midst of a war that is causing the entire world to breathe and suffer, KALUSH has decided that it is more important now than ever to stand firm, hold on to their dreams and fight for what they believe in.

Like all other KALUSH and KALUSH Orchestra based works, it is based on true life experiences. "It's a song about my mother," explains frontman Oleh Psiuk, and he continues candidly, "I've never dedicated a song to her before, and I'm not sure if our relationship in the past was that close, but I know she definitely deserves this song.

1. Stefania

Label: Columbia
Released: 2022

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 150 x 130 x 20 mm.

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WINNER’S PERFORMANCE: Kalush Orchestra - Stefania - Ukraine - Eurovision 2022 - Turin