Moby ‎– Reprise: Remixes 2LP

Moby ‎– Reprise: Remixes 2LP

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Moby ‎– Reprise: Remixes

Following the release Reprise - a collection of acoustic and orchestral arrangements of tracks from his 30-year career - influential EDM pioneer Moby continues to explore the terrain where electronic and acoustic sounds meet. Moby and other leading artists including Bambounou, Biscits, MaxCooper, Efdemin, Anfisa Letyago, Mathame, Planningtorock and Topic to Felsmann + Tiley, Peter Gregson and Christian Loffler have now reimagined some of these recordings for Reprise - Remixes.

A1. Heroes - Planningtorock Remix
A2. Porcelain - Christian Loffler Remix
A3. Go (Moby's Trophy Remix)
A4. Porcelain - Bambounou Remix
B1. Go - Ansifa Letyago Remix
B2. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad - Biscits Remix
B3. Natural Blues - Topic Remix
B4. Lift Me Up - Mathame Remix
C1. We Are All Made of Stars (Moby's Ac@N Remix)
C2. Porcelain - Efdemin Remix
C3. Porcelain - Efdemin Dub
C4. Natural Blues (Moby's West Side Highway Remix)
D1. Extreme Ways - Felsmann + Tiley Reinterpretation
D2. Natural Blues - Max Cooper Remix
D3. The Great Escape (Moby's Observatory Remix)
D4. Extreme Ways - Peter Gregson Remix

Label: Deutsche Grammophon 
Released: 2022

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Go (Moby's Trophy Remix)
Natural Blues (Max Cooper Remix)
Porcelain (Bambounou Remix)