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Police – Around The World CD+DVD

Police – Around The World CD+DVD

Police – Around The World CD+DVD

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The Police – Around The World

Around the World, available for the first time on DVD, is presented with restored picture and remastered audio. It follows The Police on their first world tour in 1979-80. The film offers a jovial glimpse of the band as they travel the globe with visits to local sights between performances. It includes complete performances of 4 songs as bonus features. Live tracks featured on the Digipak CD were recorded in Japan, Hong Kong, and the UK.

CD Performances:
1. Walking On the Moon
2. Next To You
3. Deathwish / Bo Diddley
4. So Lonely
5. Can't Stand Losing You / Day-O
6. Truth Hits Everybody
7. Visions of the Night
8. Roxanne
9. Intro
10. Born In the 50's
11. Message In the Bottle
12. Bring On the Night

DVD Bonus Live Performances:
1. Around the World
2. Menu / the Police / Around the World
3. Walking On the Moon
4. Next To You
5. Message In the Bottle
6. Born In the 50's

Label: Interscope
Released: 2022

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