Running Wild – Ready For Boarding 2LP Coloured Vinyl

Running Wild – Ready For Boarding 2LP Coloured Vinyl

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Running Wild – Ready For Boarding

Limited Edition, Orange Vinyl.

German Heavy Metal legends Running Wild, led by enigmatic front man, Rock N'Rolf Kasparek, single handed invented the pirate metal genre with their 1987 breakthrough album, Under Jolly Roger. It's follow up 'Port Royal' and the subsequent 'Death Or Glory' only served to reinforce the Hamburg quartet in the hearts and minds of the global metal community. Their meteoric rise saw them perform in front of rabid crowds across Europe and both album tours were documented with the classic live album, 'Ready For Boarding. Now these two have been combined to create an expanded edition of this seminal live album on double vinyl featuring the recordings from both.

Side A (Live in Munich, Nov 1987)
1. Hymn of Long John Silver
2. Under Jolly Roger
3. Ghengis Khan 
4. Raise Your Fist 
5. Purgatory 

Side B
1. Mordor 
2. Diabolic Force 
3. Raw Ride 
4. Adrian S.O.S. 
5. Prisoner of Our Time

Side C (Live In Düsseldorf Germany 1989) 
1. Intro 
2. Riding the Storm 
3. Bad to the Bone 
4. Raw Ride 
5. Raging Fire

Side D
1. Tortuga Bay
2. Uaschtschun 
3. Bass Solo 
4. Conquistadores 
5. Prisoner of Our Time

Label: Noise Records
Released: 2022

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