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Magyar Posse – Kings Of Time LP

Magyar Posse – Kings Of Time LP

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Magyar Posse – Kings Of Time

Black vinyl

During the 13 years of existence of our label we have managed to turn many a dream project into reality and reissued countless numbers of forgotten and overlooked gems. There has, however, been one dream we’ve chased for years that is now finally manifesting itself on vinyl – the albums of the most remarkable Finnish post rock band Magyar Posse and especially the second of their three records, Kings of Time.

Magyar Posse’s debut album We Will Carry You Over The Mountains (2001) was already an impressive, ambitious work in which the band effortlessly mixed Goblin and Ennio Morricone influences into their melodic and atmospheric blend of instrumental post-something. It was, though, the second album Kings of Time, that took the band from the darlings of the local alternative music press to such levels of artistic expression that even the mainstream media had to pay attention. The album, consisting of seven untitled songs, sounds like music to an imaginary sixties new wave film that mixes Soviet space drama with spaghetti western gunfights on a scorching hot desert, all covered with slavic melancholy.

The record was released originally covered in a striking red and black 20’s Soviet avantgarde style cover design. The Svart Records vinyl reissue comes in a blue cover that better reflects the changed times. The vinyl also includes a booklet full of memorabilia and text that look back to the creation of this spectacular album.

A1 7:31
A2 5:24
A3 11:01
B1 6:04
B2 6:35
B3 5:08
B4 6:34

Label: Svart Records
Released: 2004/2022

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Parhaita kotimaisia levyjä ikinä. Nyt myös vinyylinä. CD (vaihdettavilla kansikuvilla) on hankittu jo heti ilmestyessään.
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