Charles Williams – Love Is A Very Special Thing LP+7"

Charles Williams – Love Is A Very Special Thing LP+7"

Charles Williams – Love Is A Very Special Thing LP+7"

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Charles Williams – Love Is A Very Special Thing

LP+ 7″, Svart mondo release, black vinyl

One of the most rare and sought after soul lp’s from the mid 1970s, Love Is a Very Special Thing by Charles Williams receives a lush reissue from Svart Records. Originally released in Finland only, American singer and songwriter Charles Williams has remained in obscurity ever since, only known to die hard soul record collecting enthusiasts.

Williams’ Love Is a Very Special Thing is an epic concept album that has only been reissued in Japan some years ago in a limited edition run and is still a hard to find, highly prized collectors item. Brilliantly crafted black funk and soul from the disco era, Williams was a highly talented soul singer and musician influenced by a wide range of styles, from soul stars Marvin Gaye, Barry White and Isaac Hayes to folk rock band Crosby, Stills & Nash. Williams’ soul music is neither easy listening nor disco, but brings to mind the best of the creative 1960s Motown artists and singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins.

Love Is a Very Special Thing began raising interest among soul collectors in the 1990s, when the internet brought record collecting into a new era. Williams’ name was discovered outside Finland and the prices soon went up. It’s no wonder: Love Is a Very Special Thing is as good as the best US soul albums of the era, but soul fanatics outside Finland didn’t have a clue about it, because it was released in Finland only, and as a relatively small pressing too.

This new luxury edition by Svart Records is the LP plus a replica of the rare 7” Just As Long / Funky Music (1976) that has never been reissued until now. The CD has the single as bonus tracks. Get yourself acquainted with a rare piece of Finnish funk and soul history, and discover an artist whose music deserves to shine again.

A1 Theme From Long Road 4:34
A2 Helen 5:12
A3 Standing In The Way 4:40
A4 Reason To Make You Smile 3:55
B1 Change It 2:52
B2 Love Is A Very Special Thing 5:05
B3 Standing 2:10
B4 Your Life 10:06 
C1 Just As Long 4:28
D1 Funky Music 4:10

Label: Svart Records
Released: 1975/2022

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