Fancy – Flames Of Love - His Greatest Hits CD+DVD

Fancy – Flames Of Love - His Greatest Hits CD+DVD

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Fancy – Flames Of Love - His Greatest Hits

Fancy is cult and real legend of Italo Disco!
This box consisting of a CD and a DVD is a must for his fans and everyone who goes for the sound of the 80s and Italo Disco!

CD-1 Flames Of Love 3:37
CD-2 Bolero 3:47
CD-3 Fools Cry 5:38
CD-4 Slice Me Nice 5:26
CD-5 Chinese Eyes 2:32
CD-6 Running Man 3:08
CD-7 Lady Of Ice 2:59
CD-8 A Voice In The Dark 4:01
CD-9 Angel Eyes 3:47
CD-10 Ways Of Love 4:25
CD-11 No Tears 3:20
CD-12 All My Loving 2:01
CD-13 When Guardian Angels Cry 5:07
CD-14 Long Way To Paradise 3:54
CD-15 The Music Hitmakers Part 1 4:18
DVD-1 Flames Of Love 3:58
DVD-2 Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye 2:48
DVD-3 All My Loving 2:00
DVD-4 When Guardian Angels Cry 3:41
DVD-5 Chinese Eyes 4:06
DVD-6 Again And Again 3:34
DVD-7 Bolero 3:19
DVD-8 Love Has Called Me Home 3:09
DVD-9 Fools Cry 3:50
DVD-10 Fotogalerie 1:02

Label: ZYX Music 
Released: 2018

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 150 x 130 x 20 mm.

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