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Ina Forsman – All There Is LP

Ina Forsman – All There Is LP

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Ina Forsman – All There Is 

“All There Is” is the third album by the Berlin-based Finn. On her previous albums “Ina Forsman” (2016) and “Been Meaning To Tell You” (2019), she initially established herself as the powerful voice of her role models.
On “All There Is” she ignites a new level of her expressively introspective self-realization by completely arriving at herself. The isolation associated with the lock-down may have encouraged this development, but the young singer had powers that wanted to be unleashed anyway.
“Who am I, what am I doing here,” she seems to ask us in every song. The emphasis is on I. She no longer relies on formulas that have worked for the last 50 years, but trusts in her very own vocabulary for the nocturnal atmospheres of her big city songs - sometimes in the shrill neon light, sometimes in the twilight of the nightshade.

1. Love Me
2. Don’t Lose Today
3. All There is
4. We Could Be Gold Diggers
5. Poor Heart
6. One Night In Berlin
7. Promises
8. Dive
9. April Song
10. Raw Honey

Label: Jazzhaus
Released: 2022

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