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Hawkwind – Dreamworkers Of Time (The BBC Recordings 1985 - 1995) 3CD

Hawkwind – Dreamworkers Of Time (The BBC Recordings 1985 - 1995) 3CD

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Hawkwind – Dreamworkers Of Time (The BBC Recordings 1985 - 1995)

Three CD clamshell boxed set 'Dreamworkers of Time - The BBC Recordings 1985-1995' features all of Hawkwind's live recordings and sessions made by the BBC between 1985 and 1995. One of the most legendary British bands who emerged at the dawn of 1970s. Formed in Notting Hill, London in 1969 and always helmed by their visionary leader Dave Brock, Hawkwind bridged the genres of psychedelic rock, hard rock and art rock to create a sound of their own. Over their long career the band has recorded a number of sessions for the BBC; in August 1985 they recorded their first studio session for BBC Radio One's Friday Rock Show (their first session since 1972). The session saw a band line-up featuring Brock (vocals, guitar, synthesiser), Huw Lloyd Langton (lead guitar, vocals), Harvey Bainbridge (keyboards, vocals), Alan Davey (bass, vocals) and Danny Thompson (drums). The following year Hawkwind headlined the Reading Festival and 60 minutes of the highlights of their powerful set were recorded by the BBC and broadcast on the Friday Rock Show. In May '88, a concert at the Hammersmith Odeon (part of the tour to promote the album 'The Xenon Codex') was recorded for the BBC's In Concert and saw the band in fine form once again. In July '95, Hawkwind returned to the BBC studios in London's Maida Vale to record a session for The Mark Radcliffe Show, this time featuring a line up of Brock (vocals, guitar, synthesiser), Davey (bass, vocals, synthesiser), Ron Tree (Vocals) and Richard Chadwick (drums). This 3CD set features all of these live recordings and sessions, newly remastered, with the 1988 In Concert performance and the 1985 and 1995 Maida Vale studio sessions appearing on CD for the first time, making 'Dreamworkers of Time - The BBC Recordings 1985-1995' an essential release.

BBC Radio One Friday Rock Show (Live at Reading Festival 29th August 1986)
1-1 Magnu / Angels Of Death 8:25
1-2 The Pulsing Cavern 3:19
1-3 Assault And Battery 4:37
1-4 Needle Gun 4:47
1-5 Master Of The Universe 4:52
1-6 Utopia 4:33
1-7 Brainstorm 5:20
1-8 Dream Worker / Dust Of Time 7:23
1-9 Assassins Of Allah 6:39
1-10 Silver Machine 11:21

BBC Radio One In Concert (Live at Hammersmith Odeon 21st April 1988)
2-1 Utopia 7:52
2-2 The War I Survived 3:57
2-3 Heads 6:21
2-4 Shot Down In The Night 6:41
2-5 Mutation Zone / Tides 4:23
2-6 Wastelands Of Sleep 4:16
2-7 Moonglum 4:44
2-8 Sonic Attack 5:41
2-9 Rocky Paths 5:41
2-10 Brainstorm 9:42

Friday Rock Show Session - 2nd August 1985
3-1 Assault Of The Hawk 7:05
3-2 They've Got Your Number 3:43
3-3 Magnu / Dreamworker Of Time 7:31
Mark Radcliffe Show Session - 27th July 1995
3-4 The Right To Decide 6:23
3-5 Death Trap / Wastelands Of Sleep / Are You Losing Your Mind? 8:00
3-6 Assassins Of Allah / The Dream Goes On 7:13

Label: Atomhenge
Released: 2022

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