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Anthrax – XL (MCMLXXXI - MMXXI) 2CD+Blu-ray

Anthrax – XL (MCMLXXXI - MMXXI) 2CD+Blu-ray

Anthrax – XL (MCMLXXXI - MMXXI) 2CD+Blu-ray

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Toimitusaika arviolta 7 - 50 vrk.
Arviolta 7 - 50 vrk tilauksesta. Arvion luotettavuus on hyvä.

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Streaming event celebrating the band's 40th anniversary, performed & recorded 16.7.2021, at the Den / Bear Studios in L.A. / USA

CD1-1 Time Intro / Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't 7:10
CD1-2 Madhouse 4:11
CD1-3 Caught In A Mosh 5:37
CD1-4 Metal Thrashing Mad 2:48
CD1-5 Got The Time 3:19
CD1-6 I Am The Law 6:08
CD1-7 Keep It In The Family 7:43
CD1-8 Lone Justice 4:50
CD1-9 The Devil You Know 4:51
CD1-10 Be All, End All 6:38
CD1-11 Now It's Dark 6:12

CD2-1 Antisocial 4:39
CD2-2 In The End 7:41
CD2-3 Medusa 5:02
CD2-4 Evil Twin 4:48
CD2-5 Indians 6:29
CD2-6 A Skeleton In The Closet 6:12
CD2-7 Aftershock 4:22
CD2-8 Blood Eagle Wings 7:44
CD2-9 Bring The Noise 4:03
CD2-10 A.I.R. 6:30
CD2-11 Among The Living 6:08
CD2-12 Breathing Lightning 5:32
CD2-13 Protest And Survive 2:29
CD2-14 N.F.L. 5:35

BD-1 Time Intro
BD-2 Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't
BD-3 Madhouse
BD-4 Caught In A Mosh
BD-5 Metal Thrashing Mad
BD-6 Got The Time
BD-7 I Am The Law
BD-8 Keep It In The Family
BD-9 Lone Justice
BD-10 The Devil You Know
BD-11 Be All, End All
BD-12 Now It's Dark
BD-13 Antisocial
BD-14 In The End
BD-15 Medusa
BD-16 Evil Twin
BD-17 Indians
BD-18 A Skeleton In The Closet
BD-19 Aftershock
BD-20 Blood Eagle Wings
BD-21 Bring The Noise
BD-22 A.I.R.
BD-23 Among The Living
Bonus Songs
BD-24 Breathing Lightning
BD-25 Protest And Survive
BD-26 N.F.L.
Bonus Features
BD-27 Rehearsal Footage
BD-28 Scott Ian NYC Walking Tour

Label: Nuclear Blast 
Released: 2022

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