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Yungblud – Yungblud LP

Yungblud – Yungblud LP

Yungblud – Yungblud LP

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Yungblud – Yungblud

Internationally acclaimed, multiple award-winning British musician YUNGBLUD has confirmed a third studio album is on its way. The self-titled full length, YUNGBLUD, will see its global release on September 2 via LOCOMOTION/Geffen Records.

The announcement was made this morning via a livestream where the 24-year-old Doncaster-born trailblazer received a tattoo on his ribcage from one of the world's most sought-after artists, Emily Malice. The livestream commanded viewers from all over the world and marks an exciting new era for the groundbreaking artist.

Rarely does an artist come along such as YUNGBLUD, who has undeniably become Gen-Z's rock n' roll poster child. Fearlessly advocating for the weirdos, freaks and the marginalized in the world, from the ground up, YUNGBLUD has amassed legions of dedicated fans from all over the world, who flock to his sold-out shows each night and scream every word to his songs as if their lives depend on it. With co-signs from rock legends such as Mick Jagger, Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Jones and Dave Grohl, YUNGBLUD'S trajectory is looking brighter and more exciting than ever.

A1. The Funeral
A2. Tissues
A3. Memories (With Willow)
A4. Cruel Kids
A5. Mad
A6. I Cry 2
B1. Sweet Heroine
B2. Sex Not Violence
B3. Don t Go
B4. Don t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today
B5. Die for a Night
B6. The Boy in the Black Dress

Label: Geffen
Released: 2022

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