Black Pumas – Black Pumas 2LP Coloured Vinyl

Black Pumas – Black Pumas 2LP Coloured Vinyl

Black Pumas – Black Pumas 2LP Coloured Vinyl

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Black Pumas – Black Pumas

Black Pumas have released their highly anticipated debut album. The band is led by the creative partnership between Grammy Award-winning guitarist / producer Adrian Quesada and 27-year-old songwriter Eric Burton. Burton is a relative newcomer who arrived in Austin in 2015 after busking his way across the country from Los Angeles, while Quesada has a storied reputation for playing in bands like Grupo Fantasma and Brownout.

After the two connected via friends in the Austin scene, they began to collaborate on a new sound that transmutes soul into something idiosyncratically modern. Reminiscent of Ghostface Killah and Motown in equal measure, this original sound ensured that Black Pumas’ weekly residency at C-Boys quickly became “the hottest party in town” (Austin-American Statesman).

Side A
1. Black Moon Rising
2. Colors
3. Know You Better
4. Fire
5. Oct 33

Side B
1. Stay Gold
2. Old Man
3. Confines
4. Touch the Sky
5. Sweet Conversations

Side C
1. Fast Car
2. I'm Ready
3. Red Rover
4. Black Cat
5. Politicians in my Eyes

Side D
1. Colors (Live in Studio)
2. Oct 33 (Live in Studio)
3. Confines (Live in Studio)
4. Know You Better (Live at C-Boys) 

Label: ATO Records
Released: 2019/2021

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