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Deep Purple – Live In Tokyo 2001 2CD

Deep Purple – Live In Tokyo 2001 2CD

Deep Purple – Live In Tokyo 2001 2CD

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Deep Purple – Live In Tokyo 2001

On “Live In Tokyo 2001” we return to 2001, with Deep Purple touring the far reaches of Asia to ultimately arrive in Tokyo on March 24th for two successive concerts. This live-album brilliantly captures and combines both shows, which are stand-outs in their live-repertoire, into a single album. Deep Purple’s stay in Tokyo is unique thanks to a cooperation with celebrated conductor Paul Mann, the Shin Nihon Philharmonic Select Orchestra and none other than Ronnie James Dio. It contains a full-length rendition of Jon Lord’s masterful three-piece “Concerto”.

1. Pictured Within
2. Sitting In A Dream
3. Love Is All
4. Fever Dreams
5. Rainbow In The Dark
6. Watching The Sky
7. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
8. The Well-Dressed Guitar
9. Wring That Neck
10. Fools
11. Perfect Strangers

1. Concerto… – Movement I
2. Concerto… – Movement II
3. Concerto… – Movement III
4. When A Blind Man Cries
5. Pictures Of Home
6. Smoke On The Water

Label: Ear Music
Released: 2022

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