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Ghalia – Mississippi Blend LP

Ghalia – Mississippi Blend LP

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Ghalia – Mississippi Blend 

You can’t miss Ghalia. She’s the natural-born rock star with the leather jacket and wicked grin, leaning from her album sleeve to offer you a hit on her hip flask. But the real Southern blend ain’t in the bottle, it’s on the songs. Following the New Orleans flavours of her 2017 breakthrough, Let The Demons Out, this year sees the acclaimed Brussels-born singer-songwriter dive deeper into the American South, recording in the hill country of Mississippi, where she shared her songs with a cast of esteemed local musicians and caught the flying sparks. This is Mississippi Blend: an album as fiery and throat-burning as Delta moonshine.

1. Gypsy Lady
2. Meet You Down the Road
3. Squeeze
4. First Time I Died
5. Lucky Number
6. Wade In the Water
7. Drag Me Down
8. Shake & Repeat
9. Release Me
10. Why Don't You Sell Your Children?
11. I Thought I Told You Not To Tell Them

Label: Ruf Records 
Released: 2022

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