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Colosseum – Tomorrow's Blues LP

Colosseum – Tomorrow's Blues LP

Colosseum – Tomorrow's Blues LP

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Colosseum – Tomorrow's Blues

The more time that passed from the day in November 1971 that Jazz-rock pioneers Colosseum split up, the less likely it seemed that they would ever work together again. However, more than 40 years down the line, Jon Hiseman, Chris Farlowe, Clem Clempson, Dave Greenslade and Mark Clarke were still going strong. Tragically, Saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith succumbed to an 18 month long battle with ill heath and died at the end of 2004. Jon’s long time wife and internationally-renowned saxophonist Barbara Thompson stepped into his shoes through his long ordeal and became a permanent member until her retirement from public performance in 2015. Since the death of legendary drummer Jon Hiseman in 2018, Colosseum has reformed to play gigs and festivals throughout Europe. The band’s break-up in 1971 meant their final release had been a live album which was rated as one of their finest offerings – and it is perhaps fitting that they should have kicked off the return of Colosseum with another live effort The Reunion Concerts 1994.In the summers of 1997 and 2003 the six of them re-convened and recorded two new studio albums, “Bread & Circuses” & “Tomorrows Blues.” Then came another great live album and their latest offering “Time on our Side” released in 2012. 


Side One
1. Tomorrow’s Blues
2. Come Right Back
3. In The Heart Of The Night
4. Hard Times Rising
5. Arena In The Sun

Side Two
1. Thief In The Night
2. Take The Dark Times With The Sun
3. The Net Man
4. Leisure Complex Blues
5. No Demons

Label: Repertoire Records
Released: 2003/2022

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