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Getšemane – Viimaa LP

Getšemane – Viimaa LP

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Getšemane – Viimaa

Black vinyl

Getsemane plays old school Finnish progressive rock, by their own words: "music molded from the jaw bones of a pike."

Formed in Tampere-Ylöjärvi in 2009, they were originally a line-up for composing and playing live-music for Flamma fire theatre. After the shows they decided to continue as a band finding ever more polyrythmic and progressive ideas still drawing from the Kalevala mythos and eccentric psychedelic visions.

Getsemane released their self-titled debut in 2015 nodding to the music of Haikara, Tabula Rasaand King Crimson. Best known for their dynamic live shows the group put together a new album Viimaa full of unusual time signatures, meandering melodic lines and ethereal landscapes not forgetting 70's hard rock yet stubborn to their style. The first single Varma Kuolema represents well the whole album and gives a gruesomely honest but a cradling positive vibe of the meaninglessness of life.

1. Taustamusiikkia matelijoille
2. Varma kuolema
3. Viimaa
4. Raskaan sarjan viheltäjä
5. Kuilun partaalla
6. Unissakävelijä
7. Lemminkäisen temppeli:
8. Osa 1 - Unissakävelijä
9. Osa 2 - Lemminkäisen temppeli

Label: Svart Music
Released: 2022

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