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The Dead Daisies – Radiance CD

The Dead Daisies – Radiance CD

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The Dead Daisies – Radiance

Radiance is the sixth studio album for the Dead Daisies who have gone from strength to strength over the last 10 years. Once again produced by Ben Grosse, the album features 10 standout songs that evoke an energy and shine not known since the golden age of hard rock in the 0s and early 80s. Carried by the muscular drumming of Brian Tichy, fueled by the riffage of David Lowy, refined by the power and glory of Doug Aldrich and brought home by the low end thump and high end wails of Glenn Hughes, it once again shows The Dead Daisies on true form. Put the record on and get lost in time - Radiance is truly here.

1. Face Your Fear
2. Hypnotize Yourself
3. Shine on
4. Radiance
5. Born to Fly
6. Kiss the Sun
7. Courageous
8. Cascade
9. Not Human
10. Roll on

Label: Steamhammer
Released: 2022

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