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Celtic Frost – Danse Macabre 5CD Box Set

Celtic Frost – Danse Macabre 5CD Box Set

Celtic Frost – Danse Macabre 5CD Box Set

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Celtic Frost – Danse Macabre


It almost seems churlish to regard Celtic Frost as one of the great extreme metal bands, because they were so much more than that. It's better to hail them as among the finest extreme and experimental bands of the 1980s. Refusing ever to do what was expected or demanded, the band constantly changed musical direction, always brought in surprising influences, and kept people guessing as to where they might venture next. Their catalogue of albums is formidable and unmatched. Each is not only unique, but part of an entire tapestry that only now can be appreciated for being a remarkable part of music history. Despite, or maybe because of, constant turmoil on so many fronts, Celtic Frost achieved an artistic level few others would even have dared to dream of aspiring towards. They climbed high because they were never afraid to fall. Which is why the band are now rightly regarded as icons, and iconoclasts.

- Morbid Tales (Full album, remastered)
- To Mega Therion (Full album plus Tragic Serenades bonus tracks, remastered)
- Into The Pandemonium (Full album plus I Won't Dance bonus tracks, remastered)
- Emperor's Return (Full EP plus bonus tracks, remastered)
- Grave Hill Bunker Rehearsals (1984 rehearsal tracks)
- 40 page book of brand new interviews with founding member Tom G Warrior and drummer Reed St Mark.
- Contains rare and unseen photos from the era.
- Two sided poster.
- `Necromaniac Union' fan club enamel badge.
- `Danse Macabre' sew on woven patch.

Disc 1
1. Human (Intro)
2. Into the Crypts of Rays
3. Visions of Mortality
4. Dethroned Emperor
5. Morbid Tales
6. Procreation (Of the Wicked)
7. Return to the Eve
8. Danse Macabre
9. Nocturnal Fear

Disc 2
1. Morbid Tales (1984 Rehearsal)
2. Messiah (1984 Rehearsal)
3. Procreation (Of the Wicked) (1984 Rehearsal)
4. Nocturnal Fear (1984 Rehearsal)

Disc 3
1. Innocence and Wrath
2. The Usurper
3. Jewel Throne
4. Dawn of Meggido
5. Eternal Summer
6. Circle of the Tyrants
7. (Beyond the) North Winds
8. Fainted Eyes
9. Tears In a Prophet’s Dream
10. Necromantical Screams
11. Return to the Eve (1985 Studio Jam)

Disc 4
1. Mexican Radio
2. Mesmerized
3. Inner Sanctum
4. Tristesses de la Lune
5. Babylon Fell (Jade Serpent)
6. Caress Into Oblivion (Jade Serpent II) 
7. One In Their Pride (Porthole Mix)
8. I Won’t Dance (The Elders’ Orient)
9. Rex Irae (Requiem)
10. Oriental Masquerade
11. Sorrows of the Moon
12. The Inevitable Factor
13. In The Chapel, In The Moonlight (The Collector’s Celtic Frost)
14. One In Their Pride (Re-Entry Mix)
15. The Inevitable Factor (Alternate Vox)

Disc 5
1. Circle of the Tyrants (Emperor’s Return EP)
2. Morbid Tales
3. Dethroned Emperor
4. Visual Aggression (Emperor’s Return EP)
5. Suicidal Winds (Emperor’s Return EP) 
6. Journey Into Fear (Emperor’s Return EP Recording Sessions)
7. Visual Aggression (1988 Remix) 

Label: Noise Records
Released: 2022

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