Yello – Pocket Universe 2LP

Yello – Pocket Universe 2LP

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Yello – Pocket Universe

To mark the 40th anniversary of Yello this year, a series of highly sought after classics will be re-released on vinyl on July 9th, including the cult albums “Baby“, “Zebra“, “Pocket Universe“, “Motion Picture“ and “The Eye“.

Not just interesting for collectors, but also a chance for Yello fans who would like to own the rare albums “Baby“ (1LP), “Zebra“ (1LP) and “Pocket Universe“ (2LP) on vinyl. As a special surprise, the two albums “Motion Picture“ (2LP) and “The Eye“ (2LP) will appear on vinyl for the first time. All pressed on 180g vinyl, with original artwork and an additional four-page booklet including liner notes, rare photos and limited to this one-time reissue edition.

“Pocket Universe”, the ninth YELLO album, released in 1997, is certainly one of the most controversially discussed outputs of the Swiss electronic legend, as the overall sound here was very progressive for the time. From Techno via Trance to Ambient, a multifaceted palette of all possible electronic music varieties is covered.

A1 Solar Driftwood 1:51
A2 Celsius 5:59
A3 More 6:44

B1 On Track 5:36
B2 Monolith 6:25
B3 To The Sea 5:38

C1 Magnetic 6:05
C2 Liquid Mountain 2:44
C3 Pan Blue 5:31

D1 Resistor 7:07
D2 Beyond Mirrors 5:47

Label: Polydor
Released: 1996/2021

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