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Bad Boys Blue – 25 (The Long Mixes - Extended Versions) 2CD

Bad Boys Blue – 25 (The Long Mixes - Extended Versions) 2CD

Bad Boys Blue – 25 (The Long Mixes - Extended Versions) 2CD

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Bad Boys Blue – 25 (The Long Mixes - Extended Versions)

Limited Double CD Edition of Bad Boys Blue’s “25” album with 16 unreleased extended versions

The story of Bad Boys Blue began in 1984 in Cologne, Germany, when the founders of Coconut Records - Tony Hendrik and his wife Karin van Haaren (vel Karin Hartmann) - decided to start a new music project. They planned to look for the members of the new group in England, but finally they found them in Cologne. The original line-up was as follows: John Edward McInerney, Trevor Oliver Taylor and Andrew Freddie Thomas.

Bad Boys Blue is still led by John McInerney (the group's only remaining original member and lead singer since 1987) and two female backup singers: Sylvia McInerney and Edith Miracle. The group still performs at many shows in countries such as Germany, Poland, Great Britain, Finland, Israel, Romania, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, USA and many others.

1-1 Gimme Gimme Your Lovin' (Long Version With Trevor Vocals) 6:02
1-2 You're A Woman (Long Version) 6:56
1-3 Lady In Black (Long Version) 5:09
1-4 Pretty Young Girl (Long Version) 5:47
1-5 Save Your Love (Long Version) 6:16
1-6 A World Without You (Long Version) 5:35
1-7 A Train To Nowhere (Long Version) 5:44
1-8 Lonely Weekend (Long Version) 5:51

2-1 Hungry For Love (Long Version) 5:36
2-2 I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Long Version) 5:23
2-3 House Of Silence (Long Version) 5:13
2-4 I Totally Miss You (Long Version) 5:42
2-5 Queen Of Hearts (Long Version) 5:28
2-6 Kisses & Tears (Long Version) 5:44
2-7 Lovers In The Sand (Long Version) 5:06
2-8 Don't Leave Me Now (Reloaded 2022 Bonus Track) 4:10

Label: Zoom!
Released: 2022

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