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Eric Burdon & The Animals – When I Was Young (The MGM Recordings 1967-1968) 5CD Box Set

Eric Burdon & The Animals – When I Was Young (The MGM Recordings 1967-1968) 5CD Box Set

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Eric Burdon & The Animals – When I Was Young (The MGM Recordings 1967-1968)

A boxed set featuring all of the albums recorded by Eric Burdon & The Animals for the MGM Records label issued between October 1967 and December 1968. Eric Burdon & The Animals came together in December 1966 when the original Animals had ground to a halt. The set features the albums “WINDS OF CHANGE” (both stereo and mono versions), “THE TWAIN SHALL MEET”, “EVERY ONE OF US” and “LOVE IS”, all newly re-mastered from the original master tapes, along with ten bonus tracks drawn from the band’s single releases, including the classic B-sides A GIRL NAMED SANDOZ, AIN’T THAT SO and Grateful Dead, all remastered from recently located original master tapes. Also included is an illustrated booklet with new essay and a replica poster. “WHEN I WAS YOUNG – The MGM Recordings” is a fine tribute to the music of Eric Burdon & the Animals.

Winds Of Change (Released In October 1967)
CD1-1 Winds Of Change 4:01
CD1-2 Poem By The Sea 2:16
CD1-3 Paint It Black 5:58
CD1-4 The Black Plague 5:58
CD1-5 Yes, I Am Experienced 3:40
CD1-6 San Franciscan Nights 3:19
CD1-7 Man - Woman 5:29
CD1-8 Hotel Hell 4:49
CD1-9 Good Times 3:00
CD1-10 Anything 3:21
CD1-11 It's All Meat 2:08
Bonus Tracks
CD1-12 When I Was Young 3:04
CD1-13 A Girl Named Sandoz 3:07
CD1-14 Ain't That So 3:27
CD1-15 Gratefully Dead 4:04
CD1-16 Anything (Single Version) 2:54

The Twain Shall Meet (Released In May 1968)
CD2-1 Monterey 4:42
CD2-2 Just The Thought 3:49
CD2-3 Closer To The Truth 4:35
CD2-4 No Self Pity 4:54
CD2-5 Orange And Red Beams 3:46
CD2-6 Sky Pilot 7:36
CD2-7 We Love You Lil 6:55
CD2-8 All Is One 7:52
Bonus Tracks
CD2-9 Sky Pilot (Part One) 3:09
CD2-10 Sky Pilot (Part Two) 4:36
CD2-11 Monterey (Mono Single Version) 4:28

Every One Of Us (Released In August 1968)
CD3-1 White Houses 3:47
CD3-2 Uppers And Downers 0:25
CD3-3 Serenade To A Sweet Lady 6:14
CD3-4 The Immigrant Lad 6:13
CD3-5 Year Of The Guru 5:24
CD3-6 St. James Infirmary 5:03
CD3-7 New York 1963 - America 1968 18:54
Bonus Track
CD3-8 White Houses (Single Version/Stereo Mix) 3:05

Love Is (Released In December 1968)
CD4-1 River Deep, Mountain High 7:24
CD4-2 I'm An Animal 5:34
CD4-3 I'm Dying, Or Am I? 4:29
CD4-4 Ring Of Fire 5:00
CD4-5 Coloured Rain 9:31
CD4-6 To Love Somebody 6:54
CD4-7 As The Years Go Passing By 10:11
CD4-8 Gemini 11:08
CD4-9 The Madman (Running Through The Fields) 6:11
Bonus Track
CD4-10 River Deep, Mountain High (Single Version-Mono Mix) 7:31

Winds Of Change -Mono Album (Released In October 1967)
CD5-1 Winds Of Change 3:57
CD5-2 Poem By The Sea 2:10
CD5-3 Paint It Black 5:54
CD5-4 The Black Plague 6:01
CD5-5 Yes, I Am Experienced 3:50
CD5-6 San Franciscan Nights 3:18
CD5-7 Man - Woman 5:22
CD5-8 Hotel Hell 4:44
CD5-9 Good Times 3:04
CD5-10 Anything 3:26
CD5-11 It's All Meat 2:05

Label: Esoteric Recordings 
Released: 2022

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