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Flower Kings – Paradox Hotel 2CD

Flower Kings – Paradox Hotel 2CD

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Flower Kings – Paradox Hotel

The Flower Kings reissue campaign continues with the band’s 9th album ‘Paradox Hotel’, their fourth studio double-album. Originally released in 2006, this is the only studio appearance of drummer Marcus Liliequist. Never before released on vinyl, the album has been newly remastered & includes additional photo material.

Disc 1:
1. Check In
2. Monsters & Men
3. Jealousy
4. Hit Me With A Hit
5. Pioneers of Aviation
6. Lucy Had A Dream
7. Bavarian Skies
8. Selfconsuming Fire
9. Mommy Leave The Light On
10. End On A High Note

Disc 2:
1. Minor Giant Steps
2. Touch My Heaven
3. The Unorthodox Dancinglesson
4. Man Of The World
5. Life Will Kill You
6. The Way The Waters Are Moving
7. What If God Is Alone
8. Paradox Hotel
9. Blue Planet

Label: InsideOutMusic
Released: 2006/2023

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