Blind Guardian – The God Machine 2LP Picture Disc

Blind Guardian – The God Machine 2LP Picture Disc

Blind Guardian – The God Machine 2LP Picture Disc

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Blind Guardian – The God Machine

2LP with three bonus tracks & 24-page booklet. Limited Edition Picture Vinyl.

In 1992, Blind Guardian released "Somewhere Far Beyond", a legendary milestone of German speed metal. Three decades later, their latest offering, "The God Machine," shows how to awaken the furore and power of youth to magical new life. As if they had paid a long overdue visit to the numerous highlights of their career, Blind Guardian appear to be in touch with the ghosts of their own past more than ever. "We've picked up a lot from our own history and build a new era upon this foundation,” vocalist Hansi Kürsch explains.

This new era begins right now. Seven years after "Beyond The Red Mirror" and almost three after the orchestral opus "Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra: Legacy of the Dark Lands", Hansi Kürsch (vocals), André Olbrich (lead guitar, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar), Marcus Siepen (rhythm guitar and acoustic guitar) and Frederik Ehmke (drums) invite you to their personal twilight of the gods. "After 'Beyond The Red Mirror' and 'Legacy Of The Dark Lands,' we knew we couldn't push the orchestral side of Blind Guardian any further," Kürsch says. The new directive while creating “The God Machine” was "less orchestration, more punch." In 2022, the opulent arrangements and powerful choirs still exist yet are used in a much more selective, focussed and resonant manor.

Side A
1.Deliver Us From Evil
3.Secrets Of The American Gods

Side B
1.Violent Shadows
2.Life Beyond The Spheres
3.Architects Of Doom

Side C
1.Let It Be No More
2.Blood Of The Elves

Side D
1.Life Beyond The Spheres (Cyber Mix) (Bonus Track)
2.Destiny (Lead Guitar Version) (Bonus Tracks)
3.Let It Be No More (Heavy Vocals) (Bonus Track)

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2022

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