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Sarah Blasko – I Awake LP+7"+CD

Sarah Blasko – I Awake LP+7"+CD

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Sarah Blasko – I Awake

Celebrating 10 years of Australian singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko's fourth studio album I Awake, the record is newly repressed on vinyl. With a career spanning over two decades, Blasko has become a leading woman within the Australian arts and music industry, with many accolades including multiple ARIAs and platinum selling albums.

LP: I Awake
A1 I Awake 3:27
A2 An Arrow 3:22
A3 Bury This 3:07
A4 God-Fearing 4:33
A5 All Of Me 4:29
A6 New Country 4:02

B1 Here 4:33
B2 Illusory Light 4:03
B3 Fool 3:28
B4 Cast The Net 3:52
B5 An Oyster, A Pearl 4:21
B6 Not Yet 3:23

C What Could've Been
D Just Like A Memory

CD: I Awake
CD-1 I Awake
CD-2 An Arrow
CD-3 Bury This
CD-4 God-Fearing
CD-5 All Of Me
CD-6 New Country
CD-7 Here
CD-8 Illusory Light
CD-9 Fool
CD-10 Cast The Net
CD-11 An Oyster, A Pearl
CD-12 Not Yet

Label: Universal Music
Released: 2012

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