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Hoax – So What/Cargo LP Coloured Vinyl

Hoax – So What/Cargo LP Coloured Vinyl

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The Hoax – So What/Cargo

The Hoax formed in Manchester in 1979 with the original line up of Ian Chambers (vocals), Steve Mardy (bass), Andy Farley (guitar) and Mike Joyce (drums). They rehearsed at the now legendary TJM studios along with other Manchester punk bands such as Joy Division, Buzzcocks, The Fall, Slaughter and The Dogs etc. After a handful of gigs at some of Manchester’s long forgotten venues it was time to enter the studio to record their first ep. Cargo in Rochdale was the obvious choice as this was the favourite studio of Manchester’s punk elite. After three more releases and a handful of line-up changes The Hoax called it a day. Ian left after the first recordings, Steve went onto pursue a career outside the music industry, Andy kept the band going til the final release in 1981 and Mike Joyce went on to join The Smiths and the rest is history.

This limited edition (500) coloured release for RSD is a compilation of The Hoax first three ep’s all recorded at Cargo studios in Rochdale. A perfect document to highlight the spirit and diy ethos of the Manchester Punk Scene. Play loud and ENJOY!


Label: Vinyl Revival
Released: 2023

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