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Erja Lyytinen – Stolen Hearts 2LP Coloured Vinyl

Erja Lyytinen – Stolen Hearts 2LP Coloured Vinyl

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Erja Lyytinen – Stolen Hearts

The album “Stolen Hearts” by Erja Lyytinen was originally recorded in 2016. The release includes some of Lyytinen´s most popular songs, such as ‘Black Ocean’. The latter is a cool slice of 1970s-influenced rock built upon a strident, sassy riff and garnished with one of the artist’s finest guitar solos to date. 

Completed during a transitional period in the artist’s life, Stolen Hearts is an album that is sprinkled with heartbreak, frustration, disappointment, fear of loss and yet, at the same time, the deepest love. 

The album was recorded with a multi-platinum selling engineer and producer, Chris Kimsey. Chris is best known for having worked on many of the biggest selling albums by The Rolling Stones, but his CV also includes the likes of Led Zeppelin, Peter Frampton, Marillion, The Quireboys, and The Psychedelic Furs, among many others. 

Lyytinen was thrilled to fly to London to record her lead vocal tracks and then sit back and watch as the Englishman mixed the results at a studio called The State of The Ark, equipped with a desk once owned by EMI. In fact, ‘Stolen Hearts’ was mixed on said console – the same one that Kimsey had often used with the Stones. 

The new “Stolen Hearts” double vinyl includes previously unreleased track “Kings and Queens”. The song was recorded during the album session in the 2016, but never found its way to the original album. Now “Kings and Queens” will be heard for the first time on this golden double vinyl edition. A must piece for each collector´s shelf!

A1 Stolen Hearts 
A2 Love Laboratory 
A3 Silver Stones

B1 Black Ocean
B2 Rocking Chair 
B3 Lover's Novels 

C1 24 Angels 
C2 Slowly Burning 
C3 City Of Angels

D1 Awakening 
D2 Kings and Queens 
D3 Broken Eyes 

Label: Tuohi Records 
Released: 2017/2023

Ville H. vahvistettu ostaja, 4.8.2023
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Jyrki-Pekka O. vahvistettu ostaja, 7.7.2023
Erja Lyytistä parhaimmillaan, hieno levy kansia myöten.

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