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BZN – The Very Best Of BZN 2LP

BZN – The Very Best Of BZN 2LP

BZN – The Very Best Of BZN 2LP

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BZN – The Very Best Of BZN

BZN (Band Zonder Naam, a.k.a. Band Without A Name) started out as a pop-rock band, based in Volendam in 1966. Switching from hard rock to pop, the band went through several changes in line-up and scored their first commercial success with "Mon Amour" in 1976. This first success led to a string of hits, charting in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and even South Africa. After 42 years, their career came to an end in 2007 with a final concert at Ahoy Rotterdam.

This double album features their biggest hits, including "Mon Amour", "Don't Say Goodbye", "Yeppa",  "Pearlydumm", "Chanson D'Amour", "Just An insert.

A1 Mon Amour 4:05
A2 Don't Say Goodbye 3:56
A3 Sevilla 3:00
A4 The Clown 3:22
A5 Lady McCorey 3:26
A6 Felicidad 3:16
A7 Marching On 4:20

B1 Oh Me Oh My 3:19
B2 Pearlydumm 4:15
B3 Rockin' The Trolls 3:09
B4 Chanson D'Amour 3:40
B5 The Old Calahan (Live) 4:27
B6 Blue Eyes 4:13 B7 Twilight 3:23

C1 Just An Illusion 3:13
C2 Le Legionnaire 3:52
C3 If I Say The Words 3:05
C4 The Summertime 3:35
C5 La France 3:54
C6 Amore 3:47
C7 If I Had Only A Chance 3:58

D1 Yeppa 3:24
D2 Medley: It Happened 25 Years Ago 5:05
D3 Che Sara 4:03
D4 My Number One 3:58
D5 The Banjo Man 4:27
D6 Mama (Live) 3:21
D7 Wedding Bells 3:42

Label: Music On Vinyl
Released: 2023

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