Scorpions – Animal Magnetism LP Coloured Vinyl

Scorpions – Animal Magnetism LP Coloured Vinyl

Scorpions – Animal Magnetism LP Coloured Vinyl

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Scorpions – Animal Magnetism

When the Scorpions went into the studio at the end of 1979 to record ANIMAL MAGNETISM between two tours, they were under a lot of pressure to write and record songs in a very short time. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, they succeeded in creating a masterpiece with ANIMAL MAGNETISM that still stands up decades later. It is one of the Scorpions’ most innovative albums. They anticipate developments that years later would lead to the formation of their own subgenre of heavy metal. A good example of this is the title track. Its dragging, hypnotic and at the same time subliminally aggressive and powerful groove has all the ingredients of what would later become known as doom and groove metal. ANIMAL MAGNETISM captivates with its electrifying intensity, barely restrained aggression and brilliant guitar riffs as well as the creative desire with which the musicians explore and experiment with different musical styles. ANIMAL MAGNETISM is the first album that Matthias Jabs played a major role in shaping. His inspiring and technically excellent guitar work gives the songs their own spice. He also contributed his first original song, “Don’t Make No Promises (Your Body Can’t Keep)”, written together with Herman Rarebell. The album became another milestone for the Scorpions over the years. It was the first album to go platinum in the US, and it permanently established the Scorpions among the biggest rock bands in North America.

ANIMAL MAGNETISM is now released as a 180g 1LP, pressed on red vinyl.

A1 Make It Real 3:50
A2 Don't Make No Promises (Your Body Can't Keep) 2:58
A3 Hold Me Tight 3:58
A4 Twentieth Century Man 3:03
A5 Lady Starlight 6:16

B1 Falling In Love 4:11
B2 Only A Man 3:36
B3 The Zoo 5:29
B4 Animal Magnetism 5:58

Label: BMG
Released: 1980/2023

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